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Basic Countermeasures Equipment
Kaiser Product Pricing, Availability, and Purchasing Instructions

Please call for pricing and availability on these products.

Terms And Conditions

Payment is only accepted via government/corporate check, certified bank check, cashiers check, or money order (Credit cards are not accepted). Minimum order is $750, and all instruments will be held for bank clearance prior to processing the order.

Price listed does not include shipping, handling or insurance. Customers should inquire regarding actual shipping charges (and confirm availability) prior to placing any order. Where possible, shipments will be made FOB Gloucester, MA by United Parcel Service or Federal Express. Quotations are valid for thirty (30) days.

Government orders will always be handled on a priority basis.

A "sanitized" invoice and shipment will only be provided on special request.

We reserve the right to change prices and specifications without notice.

Plan Appropriately; These products all require specialized manufacturing facilities and are all custom built to order. It is customary for an order like this to take four to six months to be filled by the factory.

Due to the highly specialized nature of these products, they are not are returnable for any reason, nor will any refunds be issued.

Advanced TSCM Signals Detection and Analysis
TSCM - Sweeping the Spectrum for Eavesdropping Devices

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