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TSCM Hand Tool Requirements

Kit Kit Kit

Pre-Assembled Tool Kits

A Pre-Assembled Tool Kit is the best place to start, Contact East make the best tool kits. Three separate complete kits should be acquired, each used on different levels of the TSCM inspection.

A heavy duty industrial set with drills, saws, and hammers for destructive and non-destructive inspections (CEK-51 - Equipment Installation Kit)

The Telecom, LAN, Datacom tool kit will receive the heaviest usage, and is used to evaluate the components of a PBX, Phone, and LAN systems (CEK-52 - Communications Site Managers Kit)

An Electrical set is used to dismantle breaker boxes, circuit panels, and outside plant facilities (CEK-57 Mechanical Kit)

Case Kit

Small Foam Filled Transport Cases

Several foam filled tool cases will be needed to carry small test instruments and fixtures, be sure to buy extra foam sets. The red arrow indicates the ideal case to use (both rugged and secure).

Case Case Case

Large Foam Filled Transport Cases

Large Foam Filled Transport Cases are required for test equipment, buy the best available, and try to buy all the same type so the cases will interlock.

Rack Rack

EIA Equipment Racks

Equipment racks are used to integrate certain pieces of test equipment into a complete system (such as a search receiver system).

Most lightweight equipment can be mounted in a regular rack (non-shock). However, if the equipment is heavy (over 100lbs) or is going to be shipped then a heavy duty shock mounted rack must be used.

Adapter Adapter

Standard/Banjo Modular Adapters

Fanout Adapters are used to gain access to the signals on a phone wire.

DescriptionDracon Product Number
Modular AdapterP/N 10113-000
4 Wire Banjo Adapter P/N 10210-100
6 Wire Banjo AdapterP/N 10220-100
8 Wire Banjo AdapterP/N 10230-100
Replacement Cord-4/6 WireP/N 10200-100
Replacement Cord- 8 WireP/N 10300-100

Stripper Stripper

Strippers and Skinners

Strippers and skinners provide a fast and easy premeasured way to strip telephone cable wire.

DescriptionDracon Product Number
PVC StripperP/N 44110-008
Plenum Cable StripperP/N 10204-000
Replacement Blade
Pack of 10 only
P/N 10202-001
Single Slot Regularw/Cutter
AWGPart NumberPart Number
19 GA 44100-001 -------
20 GA 44100-002 44110-002
22 GA 44100-003 44110-003
24 GA 44100-004 44110-004
26 GA 44100-005 44110-005
28 GA 44100-006 44110-006
30 GA 44100-007 44110-007
Double Slot Regularw/Cutter
20/22 GA 44200-012 44210-012
22/24 GA 44200-013 44210-013
24/26 GA 44200-015 44210-015
Combo Stripper for Quad Wire
22 GA 44500-003
24 GA 44500-004

Can Wrench

Can Wrench Craft Tools

A can wrench is "the key" to opening telco phone boxes, Network Interface boxes, and the tool to connect wires on a WE box and terminals.

Be sure to obtain a security bit with the can wrench, also the built-in wire stripper will be handy.

DescriptionDracon Product Number
Hex Head, one eachP/N 44007-000
Hex Head, 25 bulk packP/N 44007-225
Hex Head, with 22 gauge stripperP/N 44507-003
Hex Head, with 24 gauge stripperP/N 44507-004
Security BitP/N ???


Wire Pic/Spudger

Wire pics and spudgers are used to move wires and connectors around in a densely wired area, very handy... highly recommended.

DescriptionDracon Product Number
ProbePicP/N 44600-000
ProbePic 90% AngleP/N 44600-001

PunchTool PunchTool

Punch Down Tools

A quality punch down tool with an assortment of blades is a absolute requirement for any TSCM work. The Dracon 814 punch tool is highly recommended.

Description Dracon Part Number
D914 Automatic Impact ToolP/N 10051-000
D914 Tool w/Screwdriver BladeP/N 10051-150
D814 Adapter Blade P/N 10051-300
D814 Handle Only P/N 10054-000
D814 Handle with 66 Blade P/N 10055-000
D814 Handle with 66 blade and PM blades P/N 10153-001
D714 Handle with 66 Blade P/N 71400-000
D714 Rep Blade and Screw Only P/N 71401-000


Punch Down Blades and Case

A set of Dracon 814 punch down blades and case is also a absolute requirement for any TSCM work.

Dracon 66, 630A, GTE, 110, 88, 814 and center punch bits are needed as a minimum. (Buy 2 extra 66 and 110 blades, and 3 storage cases).

DescriptionDracon Part Number
D-Blade CaseP/N 10979-002
D66 Blade Kit
  • 2 each 66 Blades
  • 1 each 630 Blade
  • 1 each Wood Screw Starter Blade
P/N 10979-003
D110 Blade Kit
  • 2 each 110 Blades
  • 1 each 66 Blade
  • 1 each Wood Screw Starter Blade
P/N 10979-004
Wood screw Starter PunchP/N 10645-001
3M System 'D' BitP/N 10465-001
Center Punch Blade P/N 10436-001
PM Blade
(GTE Phone Mart®)
P/N 10058-000
BIX® Blade
(Northern Telecom BIX System)
P/N 10665-000
ADC QCP Blade P/N 10165-000
Krone Blade P/N 10565-000
110/88 Blade P/N 01176-000
630 Blade P/N 10057-000
66 Blade P/N 10056-000

Additional Tool Recommendations

Tools to keep in pants pocket
Automatic Center Punch
Leatherman Multipurpose Tool
Laser Products - 6P Flashlight
Emerson/Benchmade - CQK-7 Pocketknife

Tools to keep on person
Cell-Tel Flip Phone
Alpha Beeper
Secure (Stealthcom) Walkie Talkie
Hands free headset for radio & Cell-Tel
Pocket Calculator
Notepad & Pen
Reference Book, Color codes, pin-outs, etc...
Mini First Aid Kit

TPI3000A - Coax Adapter Connector Kit (buy two sets)

IET RS201 - Resistance Substituter
IET RS301 - Capacitance Substituter
IET LS400 - Inductance Substituter (Wide)
IET LS400A- Inductance Substituter (Standard)

Cable-Tying Gun

Xcelite 99-MP Multipurpose Tool Kit
Xcelite XST-5 Super-Tru-Tip Philips Screwdriver Set
Xcelite SDR11 Slotted Screwdriver Set
Xcelite XP5C Visegrip Pliers, Curved, 5" Long
Xcelite XP7C Visegrip Pliers, Curved, 7" Long
Xcelite XP6L Visegrip Pliers, Long Nose, 6" Long

Xcelite/Diamond NN7776CG Long Needle Nose Pliers
Xcelite/Diamond DKit10 10 Piece Pliers kit
Security bit sets, Line Head, Hex, Spanner, Tri-Wing, etc...

Needle Nose - Right Angled, Flush Nosed, Needle tip (for 66 blocks)
Bullnose Flat Nippers
Shattuck Deluxe Telecom Kit (4 crimper set)

3M 8501 - Field Service Static-Dissipative Grounding Kit

Flexible Gooseneck light
Flexible Grabber

Wire Crimpers

Super long Straight screw/nut driver - 3/16
Super long Straight screw/nut driver - 1/4

Weller WTCPT - Small Soldering Iron w/Soldering Stand
Solder, Sponge, Soldering Probes
Edsyn SS750LS Soldapult

Dental Picks (SH117, SH123, SH141, SH116)
Forceps (5.5'/6.25" Curved and Straight) set of 4

Inspection Mirror, A2 Circular
Inspection Mirror, B2 Oval
Inspection Mirror, K2 Rectangular

Telco fuse - carbon block
Telco fuse - 66M jumper clip (100ea)
Telco 66M jumper clip (100ea)
RJ-11 to spade lug adapter
RJ-11 to Right Angle Bed of Nails
Siemon S110 test Adapter (TAP-110-A4)
Short (inexpensive) Alligator Jumpers (radio shack)
Ground Kit Adapter (Chopped screwdriver)
Ground Kit Adapter (Jumbo alligator clamp w/ 25 ft wire) - Pipe clamp
Adapter Cable, 1/8 Stereo Jack --- Modified Speaker Inputs
Adapter Cable, 1/8 --- Modified Speaker Inputs
Adapter Cable, 1/8 --- Micro Clips (12" Cables) - for Microwire bugs
Adapter Cable, 1/8 --- Mini Clips (12" Cables) - for 66M Adapter
Adapter Cable, 1/8 --- 1/8 Jumper (3ft) 3ea
Adapter Cable, 1/8 --- 1/8 Jumper (6ft) 3ea
Adapter Cable, 1/8 --- Alligators (6ft) 3ea
Adapter Cable, 1/8 --- Microclip (6ft) 3ea
Adapter Cable, 1/8 --- Microclip (3ft) 2ea
Adapter Cable, 1/8 --- Miniclip (6ft) 3ea
Adapter Cable, Mini Alligator Clips (1ft) Jumpers 16ea
Adapter Cable, Microclips 16ea
Adapter Cable, 4 color 20" solid jumper cables
Adapter Cable, RJ11 --- Spade Lug Pig tail (12")
Adapter Cable, RJ11/45 Splitter
Adapter Cable, RJ45 --- RJ45 (25ft CAT5) 4ea
Adapter Cable, 258A --- RJ11/45 4pair gender changer (Reverse) 4ea
Adapter Cable, 258A --- RJ11/45 4pair gender changer (Straight) 4ea
Adapter Cable, RJ11 --- BNC Adapter

Rubber Mallet
Black Electricians Tape
Colored Electricians tape
Power Mini Screwdriver /quick charge (Panasonic)
Small 120vac/100+watt lamp w/clamp
Extra Batteries - 9vdc
Extra Batteries - AA
UV active powders
KY jelly for UV paste mixing
Degaussing Coil
Desk and furniture jacks
Magnifier Lens, Handheld, 3inch
3mm Insulated right angle OTOSCOPE (6") with camera and video
Scotch Lock - Pliers
Scotch Lock - Double Tap
Scotch Lock - Triple
Blue/White, Single Pair, UTP Jumper wire

Ideal/Klein Fishtape - 10 ft, for fishing walls
Ideal/Klein Fishtape - 25 ft
Ideal/Klein Fishtape - 250 ft, Nonconductive for conduit usage

Desk Jack/Furniture Dolly
Air Filter/Freshener
Cleaning Solutions/Dust Rags
Dust/Furniture Tarps
Dirt-Devil Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Dirt-Devil Upright Vacuum Cleaner w/ hoses and Brushes

Rubbermaid Service Cart, large (36x24), portable work surface

Ladder, Fiberglass, Yellow, Painters Style - 6ft
Ladder, Fiberglass, Yellow, Painters Style - 8ft
Ladder, Fiberglass, Yellow, Painters Style - 12ft
Ladder, Fiberglass, Lineman's/Extension Style w/strand hooks - 15ft
Ladder, Fiberglass, Lineman's/Extension Style w/strand hooks - 30ft
Ladder Straps, ropes, hooks, and bags
Klein Pole Gaffs, Belt, and Harness

Full set of HPC LS tools

Stanley - 1"x 25ft Tape Measure
12inch white plastic ruler
6inch white plastic ruler

Advanced TSCM Signals Detection and Analysis
TSCM - Sweeping the Spectrum for Eavesdropping Devices

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