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Fun facts and details from the world of Information Security!


"Take a SECURITY BREAK" when you are on your next coffee break. Test your security knowledge or challenge your friends on theirs. If you're a security manager (or even if you're not), use parts of this book as fillers in your local bulletins or as quizzes in your next training class. But most importantly, HAVE FUN with this.


Did you know:

1. The minimum weight for a dozen "large" eggs is 24 OZ.; while the minimum weight for a classified package that is permitted to be shipped on an open vehicle is

a. 24 oz.

b. 50 lbs.

c. 100 lbs.

d. 200 lbs.


Did you know:

2. The earlobes of a hen that lays white eggs will be white and the earlobes of a hen that lays brown eggs will be red; while a "Secret" cover sheet (SF 704) will be

a. red.

b. white.

c. brown.

d. henna.


Did you know:

3. Alexander Kira, in his book The Bathroom, noted that in the "Cornell Survey of Personal Hygiene Attitudes and Practices in 1000 Middle-class Households" 34 percent of respondents flushed the toilet while still seated and 66 percent flushed while standing UP; while flushing a classified document down a toilet

a. is authorized if the head of the activity says it is.

b. is the only DoD authorized method of destruction.

c. is not encouraged but would not be harmful to the national security if the document was shredded to the component's size specification prior to the flushing.

d. was the most popular response for the survey.


Did you know:

4. Agreeing to pay for something later is called "buying on the cuff' because in the past it was customary for a tavern bartender to write his customer's bar tab on the large white cuffs of his shirt; while DoD 5200.1-R requires that we write (or place) a classified document's overall classification level on

a. the subject line of the document.

b. the first page of the document.

c. the first paragraph of the document.

d. the last paragraph of the document.


Did you know:

5. The cotton in a new bottle of pills is there to keep the pills from bouncing around and getting chipped during shipment; while the outer wrapper of a double-wrapped classified package is there to provide protection for the package during routine handling and

a. should have the classification level of the package stamped on it.

b. should not have any indication that the package contains classified materials.

c. should have a cotton layer behind it to protect the classified materials.

d. should have the recipient's name on the address line.


Did you know:

6. The Dead Sea is shrinking in size; while DoD activities must review their classified holdings _______________ to see if they can reduce them.

a. once a year

b. twice a year

c. three times a year

d. four times a year


Did you know:

7. Coca Cola gets its name from two of its principal ingredients, extract of coca leaves and extract of cola nuts; but extracting classified information from a source document, repeating or paraphrasing it in another document, and carrying forward its classification level and duration is part of the process of

a. original classification.

b. derivative classification.

c. initial classification.

d. stratification classification.


Did you know:

8. Pigs wallow in mud to keep cool since they have no functional sweat glands; while wallowing in the agony of a security violation brought about because the custodian of a classified document did not remember/notice that they were working with the document and left it unsecured and uncontrolled in their work area can be impeded through the use of

a. SF 700 (Security Container Information).

b. Top Secret disclosure record.

c. Top Secret register.

d. cover sheets (SF 703, 704, and 705).


Did you know:

9. Although the top of the black and white board, called a clapperboard, is snapped when a film scene begins in order to give the filmmaker a frame at the beginning to synchronize the sound with the film3; the classification level of a classified film still must be imprinted at

a. the beginning and end of the film.

b. in the middle of the film.

c. when the first speaking role in the film begins.

d. when the first person in the film appears.


Did you know:

10. James Dewar, who invented "Twinkies" in 1930, named them after a shoe3; while the name of the SF 702 which we fill out each time we open and close a security container is the

a. End of the Day Check List.

b. Security Check List.

c. Security Container Check Sheet.

d. Ho-Hos.


Did you know:

11. Conestoga wagons are called that because they were first built for use on farms in the Conestoga Valley of Pennsylvania3; while one of the requirements for handcarrying classified materials on a wagon train (or any other transportation means) is that the traveler must

a. have a license for driving the vehicle.

b. ensure the materials are double-wrapped.

c. be trained in the derivative classification process.

d. be NATO certified.


Did you know:

12. The M and M on M&M candies stand for Mars and Murrie who were the heads at M&M Candies in the 194Os; while SCI stands for

a. Special COMSEC Information.

b. Sweet Candy Indicator.

c. Special Compartmented Information.

d. Sensitive Compartmented Information.


Did you know:

13. In 1902 Congress authorized the Postmaster General to adopt a standard mailbox and in 1915 a post office employee named Roy J. Joroleman designed the currently used tunnel-shaped metal box with the pull-down door and metal flag; however, under no circumstances are DoD employees authorized to send through the postal system.

a. Top Secret materials

b. Secret materials

c. Confidential materials

d. unclassified materials


Did you know:

14. The words "objects in the mirror are closer than they appear" is required by Congress to be on all convex side-view mirrors on American cars2; but the use of SF 702 (Security Container Check Sheet) to record the opening and closing actions on a security container is required by

a. Congress

b. Department of Commerce

c. Department of State

d. Department of Defense


Did you know:

15. Speed limit signs are posted precisely where the new speed limit takes effect; while security classification designations are limited to

a. Confidential, Secret, Secret NOFORN, and TopSecret.

b. WNINTEL, NOFORN, Restricted, and Top Secret.

c. Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret.

d. FOUO, Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret.


Did you know:

16. The world's heaviest man weighed 1387 lbs; while a GSA approved, 5 drawer, Class VI security container weighs only

a. 136 lbs

b. 248 lbs

c. 369 lbs

d. 535 lbs


Did you know:

17. The Department of Transportation sets the maximum speed value on speedometers (140 km/h or 85 mph); while the ____________sets the standards for security containers used to store classified materials.

a. Department of Interior

b. Department of Defense

c. President's Economic Council

d. General Services Administration


Did you know:

18. The term "fore" in golf comes from the English military term "'ware before" which told the front line to kneel so the second line would not blow their heads off; while "four" is

a. the number of times you should rotate the dial of a mechanical combination lock after you have locked the security container.

b. the number of axles that a semi-trailer has.

c. the sum of the number of eggs in a baker's dozen multiplied by the number of months in a year divided by three, then multiplied by three-fourths.

d. the number of markings that must be placed on an interior page of a classified document.


Did you know:

19. Ants release pheromones, a perfume trail that leads them from their nest to a food source2; DoD employees, on the other hand, must not release without prior authorization.

a. balloons

b. DoD information

c. personal hygiene information

d. odors





1. d

11. b

2. a

12. d

3. c

13. a

4. b

14. d

5. b

15. c

6. a

16. d

7. b

17. d

8. d

18. a

9. a

19. b

10. c









Take Another Security Break??

Did you know:

1. The range of the Fahrenheit temperature scale was created by the German physicist Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit with zero degrees representing the temperature of an equal ice-salt mixture and with 100 degrees supposedly signifying the normal body temperature; while the range of information which is eligible for classification under EO 12958 includes

a. military plans or operations.

b. illegal acts which need public disclosure.

c. any fact that DoD wishes to keep from Congress.

d. all of the above.


Did you know:

2. The Savi pygmy shrew of the Mediterranean region is the world's smallest mammal; while a ________________ is the smallest entity within a classified doc marked with the highest classification contained within it.

a. portion

b. page

c. chapter

d. appendix.


Did you know:

3. The height of residential buildings in Washington DC is restricted to 85 feet by the Building Height Act of 1910 and the height of commercial buildings is restricted to 130 feet; while Restricted Data is information classified under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 and its declassification is the responsibility of the

a. Department of Defense.

b. Department of State.

c. Department of Energy.

d. Department of Commerce.


Did you know:

4. Micmac is one of the languages spoken on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada'; but MTMC (Military Traffic Management Command) is the DoD agency that contracts for services for transporting classified materials.

a. PSS

b. CSS

c. both of the above

d. none of the above


Did you know:

5. "Hypnic jerks" are those twitches and spasms that occasionally wake you just as you are falling asleep; and if you are working late at night and happen to get sleepy and you decide to take your classified materials home to work on, remember that you must get authorization to do so from

a. your commanding officer.

b. your activity security manager.

c. your major command/major claimant level organization.

d. no authorization is needed.


Did you know:

6. The average range of a housefly in flight is one-quarter mile; while one of the requirements for hand carrying classified materials in flight on a commercial airline is

a. authorization to do so must come from the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

b. a leather valise must be used to carry the materials.

c. flying is limited to one-quarter mile.

d. authorization must be in writing.


Did you know:

7. "Breaking Away" is a 1979 movie about bicycle racing; while breaking apart after a specific amount of pressure is exerted on it is part of the design of the

_______ for the S&G 8077AC combination padlock.

a. body

b. wheels

c. shackle

d. dial


Did you know:

8. The Itaipu power station on the Parana River near the Brazil-Paraguay border generates 12,600 megawatts of power1; while the Mas-Hamilton X-07 electronic combination lock

a. generates its own power.

b. uses a battery for its source of power.

c. uses solar energy for its source of power.

d. can light up a city block with its energy source.


Did you know:

9. The "Model T" was the twentieth model automobile that Henry Ford designed and was therefore assigned the twentieth letter of the alphabet3; and if a person were to be transporting classified materials in a "Model T" or some other privately owned automobile, one procedure that must be followed is that the person

a. must keep the materials in a GSA approved container during the entire transportation process if the person is traveling alone.

b. may store the materials in the trunk as long as it is locked.

c. must keep the materials in their possession at all times

during the transportation process.

d. must secure the materials in the hotel safe if the person makes an overnight stop at a hotel.


Did you know:

10. There are more brown colored M&Ms than any other color; however, the new M&M's color, blue, is also the primary color on the

a. Top Secret cover sheet.

b. Secret cover sheet.

c. Confidential cover sheet.

d. none of the above.


Did you know:

11. The oboe is usually the first instrument you hear when an orchestra warms up because it is capable of emitting a steady note and the quality of the note is not susceptible to variations due to temperature changes and other musicians can use its "A" note to tune their own instruments; while an audio recording of the note (if it should happen to be classified) should have the classification markings placed on

a. the audio cassette, if it's the type of tape being used.

b. the container or box of the cassette.

c. the audio tape reel, if it's the type of tape being used.

d. all of the above.


Did you know:

12. The design of the statue for the Emmy was created by Louis McManus; while a design (drawing, figure, etc.) that is classified must be marked with the highest classification of information contained in it and _________ must be treated as a separate entity and marked with the highest classification of information contained within it.

a. the cover sheet.

b. the back of the design.

c. the statue.

d. the caption or legend.


Did you know:

13. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews reduced its course to 18 holes in 1764 and it's been used as the standard for golf courses ever since; while DoD employees should reduce their holdings by

a. reviewing their classified materials once a year.

b. marking their classified documents twice a year.

c. formatting their classified disks three times a year.

d. changing their calendars four times a year.




1. a

5. c

9. c

13. a

2. a

6. d

10. c


3. c

7. c

11. d

4. c

8. a

12. d

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