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Basic Countermeasures Equipment


The 1080D is a completely self contained, battery operated analyzer designed to counter alterations to older U.S. and many foreign telephone and intercom systems. It measures voltage, current, capacitance, resistance, audio and radio frequency (RF) levels. The RF detector provides broadband detection from 50 KHZ to 10 MHZ and tunable detection from 10 to over 500 MHZ.

A quadratone tone generator detects single or multi-tone devices. A high voltage source varies from O to 1,000 volts and has an integral pulse generator. Meters measure various DC voltages, current, RF level and capacity. The unit is powered by two standard 9 volt and two 500 volt batteries. The 1080D is supplied with input cable and headset and is housed in an attractive, quality attache case (5x12x18 inches).

Advanced TSCM Signals Detection and Analysis
TSCM - Sweeping the Spectrum for Eavesdropping Devices

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