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Granite Island Group, offers closed enrollment classes for their corporate and government clients. Training is geared to the realistic needs of protective details, full time corporate TSCM teams, and diplomatic details. Most training is designed for technical security and protective teams with several years of field experience.

The training involves signal analysis and physical search techniques which specifically addresses the threat posed by modern spread spectrum, digital modulation, store and forward, burst, and frequency hopping surveillance devices. Students learn the techniques used to locate bugging devices found in computers, workstations, and local area networks. Threat assessment, and intelligence analysis segments of instruction address the issue of developing technologies.

Duration of a typical technical class is five days, or forty classroom hours. Duration of a typical tactical class is between one to three days, or 8-24 classroom hours. Students will normally be exposed to an eight-hour classroom day, however; any course may be delivered on an accelerated timetable (12-16 hours per day) at an additional cost. For example, the "Basic Technical Surveillance Counter Measures" program can be delivered as 2 three-week blocks of instruction for a total of 520 classroom hours.

Classes are closed enrollment through Spring 2002, and are usually scheduled at least six months in advance (16-18 months typical).

Courses are generally restricted to members of the U.S. Defense and Intelligence Community (including contractors, and subcontractors as defined by EO 12333). All courses have background, technical training, and security clearance, prerequisites.

All training is highly structured with rigorous written and practical exams. Roughly one third of all classroom time is straight lecture, one third is an instructor led lab, and the balance consists of supervised practical exercises.

Beginning in Spring 2003, Granite Island Group will begin offering (in Boston) an 8 week open enrollment introductory TSCM program consisting of 4 two week TSCM courses (which must be taken in sequence). The course content is unclassified, and will exceed the technical procedures, requirements, protocols, standards of several government agencies.

Once a sufficient number of students have cycled though the eight -week introductory segment an intermediate program will be offered (another 8 weeks in length).

As students complete the intermediate segment, the advanced courses will be added to the schedule for a total of 24 weeks (3 levels, involving 8 weeks of training each).

Basic electronics will not be taught during the courses except as a brief review or refresher segment at the beginning of each course module.

Granite Island Group offers the very popular non-technical half day "Technical Surveillance Threat Awareness Seminar" on an open enrollment (but sponsored) basis. This seminar is designed as an executive overview of the threat of technical eavesdropping.

Also offered on an open enrollment (but sponsored) basis is the half day "TSCM and the Modern Eavesdropping Threat Seminar" which is a bit more technical in nature, and is directed to executives, investigators, and other consumers of TSCM and related services.

Both seminars consist of multimedia presentations which presents a threat awareness of realistic threats involving modern day technical eavesdropping vulnerabilities and the appropriate methods of neutralizing them.

The "Technical Surveillance Threat Awareness Seminar" and "TSCM and the Modern Eavesdropping Threat Seminar" are available within the Boston area to government agencies, corporate clients, and professional groups.

Seek information from other people who are more experienced
and be willing to listen to their advice. Be humble and willing
to learn from anyone-regardless of his station in life.

One good way to measure a person's character is to observe the
way he treats people who can't possibly do him any good.

Gain experience, pay your dues, you can't start at the top, you
must learn at all levels in order to become a success.

-- The R. E. Littlejohn Rules for Success

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