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Ancillary Instrumentation

Any TSCM or technical security activity requires a great deal of ancillary instrumentation including laptops to control instruments.

Instrumentation Controller

The type of computer, and associated specification will depend on the type of instrument being controlled. Usually this will be a very powerful Pentium laptop with a processor speed of at least 500 MHz, and running Windows 95, 98, or NT. Also this computer will contain a GPIB, or IEEE-488 controller card for connection to the instrumentation bus.

It may be beneficial to utilize a separate laptop for each instrument requiring an external controller.

Several instruments also require a Unix based laptop, usually a Sun SPARC laptop.

This equipment provides the capability required for the interconnectability, interoperability, and flexibility to tailor the equipment package for the specific TSCM project.

Administrative Computer

This computer is typically used to prepare reports, word processing, and telecommunications. This systems may also be used to facilitate desktop presentations, and database lookups. This computer is usually a Macintosh laptop with a color screen (the G3 is becoming popular). The system normally incorporates a cellular or Inmarsat telephone with scrambler to facilitate secure communications from the field.

Evidence Collection and Preservation

Should an eavesdropping device be found a small kit of forensic equipment will be required. The choice to use such a kit (and the contents) should be left up to the discretion of the senior person of the team. This kit is used for the collection and preservation of evidence during and after the conduct of the TSCM inspection.

This set of instrumentation also may contain video and/or audio recording equipment to document facts around the discovery of an eavesdropping device.

Specialized Instruments

Highly specialized instruments are also used which will facilitate a analysis of modern technology such that found in voice mail systems, network sniffers, and telecommunications.

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