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TSCM Specific Instrumentation

 * OSC-5000 Omni-Spectral Correlator (OSCOR)

Research Electronics/TSA

3801 Rangelock (finds the distance to the microphone)
This clever little device send out a chirp, and then listens for the chirp via an external receiver, it calculates the delay, and then displays the distance to the microphone in feet.

Winklemann Countermeasures Equipment


300 - Counter-Surveillance Receiver

The 300 is a solidly built product commonly used and found in Europe, popular with corporate sweep teams it will find most low threat bugging RF devices (but only if you can get really close to them).


310 - Microwave Detector/Receiver

Similar to the 300, provides limited microwave band coverage, popular in low threat corporate situations.


200 - Telephone Line Analyzer

The Series 200 Telephone Line Analyzer is useful when working on the older 25 pair telephones (key system type). This unit is still found is some less developed countries and rural areas.

Until recently the TSCM instruments made by F.G. Mason Engineering and Dektor were widely used by TSCM technicians. The various models where fairly popular, but have since been replaced by more advanced models (sold by other companies).

Technical Services Agency (Fort Washington, Maryland)

Glenn Whidden of TSA invented and patented the Eagle, which was very popular until production was stopped in 1997. The product was a scanning receiver which would memorize "friendly" RF signals outside a facility such as FM radio and TV signals. These signals would then be compared to the potentially "hostile" signals found inside a facility being inspected. The instrument covered a range between 10 MHz and 2 GHz.

The Linelock was also invented and patented by Glenn Whidden. The instrument provides a carrier current detection instrument tuneable from 7 kHz to 3.5 MHz. This model differs from similar devices offered by others in that it is tunable with a digital display.

Kaiser TSCM Countermeasures Kits and Instruments

 * 1040a - Entry Level Countermeasures Kit

 * 1040b - Intermediate Countermeasures Kit

Audio Countermeasures

 * 1059 - Audio Preamplifier

 * 1019 - Preamplifier/Amplifier

 * 1079 - Power Amplifier

Telephone Countermeasures "Wiretap Detectors"

 * 1080D - Telephone Analyzer (MKII)

 * 1080H - Telephone Analyzer

 * 1080CT - Component Test Unit

 * 1080E - Electronic And Modular Telephone Accessory

 * 1080TDR - Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) Pulser

Radio Frequency Countermeasures "Bug Detectors"

 * 2044 - Ambient RF Strength Indicator

 * 2050CA - RF Locator

 * 2057A - RF Locator

 * 2055HA - Near Field RF Detector/Differential RF Probe (MK IV)

 * 2045B - RF Feedback Detector

 * 2065 - RF Detector (Under Desk Mounted)

 * 2040B - Test Oscillator

ELF Countermeasures "Tape Recorder Detectors"

 * 2059H - Tape Recorder Detector (Hand Held)

 * 2059HV - Tape Recorder Detector (Hand Held)

Wearable Countermeasures "RF/Tape Recorder Detectors"

 * 2060LT - RF Detector (Wearable, Light and Tone)

 * 2060LV - RF Detector (Wearable, Light and Vibrator)

 * 2062 - RF and Tape Recorder Detector (Wearable)

Carrier Current/Sub Carrier Countermeasures

 * 2030 - Carrier Current Detector/Probe

 * SCD5 - Carrier-Current/Sub Carrier Detector

 * 1059VLF - Direct Conversion Receiver

Stethoscopes and Audio Probes

 * 2010/2010A - Doppler Stethoscope

 * 2046I - Inductive Stethoscope

 * 2047U/C - Ultrasonic/Contact Stethoscope

 * 2049M - Electronic Stethoscope

 * 4020 - Mini Stethoscope

 * 8010C - Metal/Mineral Detector

Line Tracing Aids

 * SLR9A/AUT9 - Silent Line Tracer

 * 2052WL - Wire and Device Locator

Video Camera Detection Equipment

 * VCD - Video Countermeasures Device

Xetron Corporation

The Xetron SPL-60 Audio Amplifier/Filter is/was a very popular low noise audio amplifier with a tunable comb notch filter. The SPL-60 is no longer produced.

Dektor Counterintelligence

The Dektor Micro-Amp was a General Purpose Audio Amplifier which was very popular and highly respected within the TSCM industry. Dektor ceased operation on 10/13/98 after serving the TSCM industry for many years. The Micro-Amp is no longer produced (the Kaiser 1059 is a good replacement).

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