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One of the first instruments a TSCM specialist will obtain is a set of high quality meters which can measure Volts, Amps, and Resistance.

Experienced TSCM people generally agree that you should have a inexpensive analog Handheld VOM, a digital Handheld DMM, and a lab grade digital DVM with printer output.

When practical a special multimeter designed specifically for telephone lines is also a good idea.

Recommend the following VOM/DMM instruments (as a minimum):

VOM Meter VOM Meter

Inexpensive analog Handheld VOM - Simpson 310 or Simpson 260-8

The Simpson meters are rugged, general purpose analog meters. They will last for years and take heavy abuse. Anyone who studied electronics in the military has a love-hate relationship with these meters.

VOM Meter VOM Meter VOM Meter

Digital Handheld DMM - Beckman HD110T, Fluke 87, or Fluke 867

A handheld digital multimeter will see very heavy usage on a TSCM sweep, buy the best you can afford, and be sure to buy extra sets of test leads.

VOM Meter VOM Meter

Lab grade digital DVM - Fluke 45 or 8842 (w/Battery w/RS232 and software)

VOM Meter

Telephone Transmission Test Set - Triplett Model 5

This is a specialized meter designed to make the measurements of telephone voltages easier.

J.S. Popper Leads - Fluke TL-26

This is a special test lead which allows the technician to make an easier connection between a meter and telephone facilities, these leads are invaluable when working on 66M punch down blocks. Suggest that several sets be kept on hand.

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