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Craft Instruments

Craft Craft Craft

Craft Test Equipment refers to the instruments used by telephone repair people to install and repair telephone circuits and equipment.

A Harris-Dracon TS-2x series (TS-22/DS ideal) handset/buttset is an absolute must.

DescriptionDracon Part Number
TS22DS Test Set with piercing pin cord22802-001
TS22DS Test Set with C.O. 346A plug cord22802-004
TS22DS Test Set with ground start cord22802-007
TS22DS Test Set with C.O. 346A plug cord
and 1500 ohm resistor cord
TS22DS Test Set with angled bed-of-nails cord22802-009
RJ-11 to RA-BON 6A Popper Clips CordP1980-009
Replacement LinecordP3218-246

Also, recommended is a ISDN craft set (Tektronix CT100 CraftTek or Dracon biTS-1). IDS also make a good system for testing digital lines (76B with T-1 module).

DescriptionDracon Part Number
biTS-1 ISDN Test Set 25466-001

The other recommended item is a data butt set which should be used on high speed data circuits (Harris PTS-3).

DescriptionDracon Part Number
North American PTSIII with Traffic Identifier23701-205
North American PTSIII with Traffic Identifier23701-206
Sweden, Televerket, PTSIII23701-200
European PTSIII with Traffic Identifier23701-001
European PTSIII without Traffic Identifier23701-202
Optional High Impedance HeadsetP2370-001
Replacement LinecordP23701-002

Craft Craft Craft

Craft Line Aid Equipment

Craft Line Aid Equipment refers to the tone generator and tone detection equipment used to locate hidden wires and cables.

Progressive Electronics and Dracon are the two major manufacturers of line-aids.

The Dracon Master Hunter works well as does the PEI 200EP (recommend 2 of each).

DescriptionDracon Part Number
Tone Hunter27000-001
Data Hunter27000-002
Master Hunter27000-003

Craft Craft

For tone generator everyone prefers the PEI 77HP/6A w/ Right Angle Popper clips (recommend at least 4-6 be available at all times). Don't forget to have 10-12 extra 9 volt ALKALINE batteries with the tool kit.


The PEI Model 501 is highly recommended for tracing overhead and underground cables. Buy two and a duct tape the 2nd sensor to a 30 ft collapsible fiberglass painters pole.

DescriptionPEI Part Number
Tone Generator w/PVC LeadsModel 77M/6AC
Tone Generator w/Cloth LeadsModel 77M/6A
Inductive Amplifier ProbeModel 200EP
Tone Gen/Probe CaseModel 700C
Tone Gen/Probe/Case 3-piece KitModel 701K
Underground Cable LocatorModel 501

Another option is the system made by 3M (the Dynatel 2210 Cable Locator). It's a bit bulky, but is useful when tracing deeply buried cable or when the cable is inside metallic conduit... it can be a real life saver.

Cable Analyzer

The Dracon Cable Analyzer Model 77 is "hands down" the best stand alone unit to use when "bug-hunting" on telco facilities... a bit pricey... but worth every penny. Fully automatic, cost effective, and can check 100 lines for anomalies in seconds.

J.S. Popper Leads - Fluke TL-26

This is a special test lead which allows the technician to make an easier connection between a meter and telephone facilities, these leads are invaluable when working on 66M punchdown blocks. Suggest at least six sets be kept on hand.

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