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Video Instrumentation

A spectrum analyser, vector signal analysers, and lock-in amplifiers can normally be used to detect and display acoustic leakage, and signals from audio technical eavesdropping devices, but video signals require more specialized equipment.

A normal oscilloscope can be used to observe the signal in the time domain, and a spectrum analyser can be used to examine the signal in the frequency domain. A raster analysis instrument can then be used to reconstruct the video image and display it for further examination.

GV-S50 FDL-K400

Handheld Video Monitor/Hi-8 Recorders

Several small video monitors and Hi-8 recorders will be very useful. The Sony and Citizen units works very well with the OSCOR, TSCM Equipment, and similar receivers. Suggest both NTSC and SECAM/PAL versions.

Monitor Monitor

Handheld Video Monitor/Analyzer

In addition to several 9" video monitors (Sony KV-9 series) a TSCM team should have at least one handheld video/waveform/vector monitor for video.

A covert video camera can be installed on normal telephone lines, and a number of companies make video camera's concealed inside telephones. All phone wire should be checked with an oscilloscope, monitor and spectrum analyzer for video signals.

The Tektronix WFM90-NTSC works excellent in this capacity, and works well with the OSCOR-5000 from REI... a very impressive little monitor.

 * VCD - Video Countermeasures Device

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